3D1125 / 2x11,2 + 1x15,5 mH

3D1125 / 2x11,2 + 1x15,5 mH
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Product information "3D1125 / 2x11,2 + 1x15,5 mH"

L-Werte können individuell angepasst werden!

Technical specifications
Operating frequency [MHz]:0,0218
Inductance Lx [µH]:11500
Inductance Ly [µH]:11500
Inductance Lz [µH]:15500
Q-factor Qx:5
Q-factor Qy:5
Q-factor Qz:5
Sensitivity Sx [mV/A/m]:9
Sensitivity Sy [mV/A/m]:9
Sensitivity Sz [mV/A/m]:9
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