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RFID Journal LIVE! is the world’s largest conference and exhibition focused on radio frequency identification and related technologies.
NEOSID has developed miniaturized RFID components for use in the MACH 33 wrist watches produced by the special Swiss watch manufacturer Werenbach.
In e-mobility, devices such as the charging station and the vehicle are connected by cable in order to charge.
Thanks to powerline, the charging cable can also be used to transfer data, in order to exchange technical parameters, check authorisations and transfer billing data.
Every day, we use a wide array of mobile electronic devices and gadgets for entertainment and communication purposes, whether to make our lives more comfortable, or simply to enhance them.
A wide range of electronic devices are used for medical diagnoses. In many cases they are used in direct contact with the patient and doctor or therapist.
Ferrite lecture on elctronica Conference, November 2020.
Every design of custom-fit sensor coils needs to find a balance concerning many factors.
With its two new composite materials PFS4 and PFS9, Neosid presents soft magnetic core materials made from metal powder and polymer.
The RFID transponder NeoTAG® Flag FG7678 is part of our approved NeoTAG® Flag product range and scores with its outstanding properties.
Presentation by NEOSID at the RFID & wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 event in Darmstadt
NEOSID offers the complete range of the required knowhow when it comes to developing and producing passive components for modern inductive transmission systems.
Only 3.3 millimetres in diameter and with a height of 2.6 millimetres – those are the dimensions of the new NeoTAG® Plug G/MG3326.
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