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Our product information provides an overview of all types and designs for LF and HF applications.
Hasco has been marking its two-stage ejectors for standard parts with RFID technology since 2023. The press-fit transponder, which is just a few millimetres in size and has an orange design, optimizes processes and services in mould making.
In RFID applications, it is often advantageous that the antenna centre axis is aligned at an angle of 90° to the PCB surface. In this case we speak of Z transponder coils.
With the consistent expansion of the product range of the remarkably small NeoTAG® transponders, we are setting technical standards with new designs and product solutions. This supplemented and updated product information offers you a compact overview of our current HF RFID transponders, NFC transponders and RFID chips.
Maintenance itself and maintenance documentation of load handling attachments and slings are required by law. With RFID transponders in the lifting gear, the required data can be collected easily, consistently and safely.
The construction industry, with its harsh environmental conditions and complex process landscape, places special demands on RFID systems. Neosid‘s expertise in the manufacture of robust miniaturized HF RFID transponders comes into its own here.
This new type of transponder was developed specially for applications where it is not possible to use one of our proven NeoTAG® transponder in Inlay, Plug or Flag versions due to the design requirement of the object.
Cable networks such as lightning conductors on buildings or earthing networks in industrial production facilities are subject to various changes over their service life which reduce their ability to function. Wear and tear, ageing and renovations can result in these circuits no longer being able to fulfil their protective function. These changes often go unnoticed.
NEOSID has developed miniaturized RFID components for use in the MACH 33 wrist watches produced by the special Swiss watch manufacturer Werenbach.
In e-mobility, devices such as the charging station and the vehicle are connected by cable in order to charge.
Thanks to powerline, the charging cable can also be used to transfer data, in order to exchange technical parameters, check authorisations and transfer billing data.
Every day, we use a wide array of mobile electronic devices and gadgets for entertainment and communication purposes, whether to make our lives more comfortable, or simply to enhance them.
A wide range of electronic devices are used for medical diagnoses. In many cases they are used in direct contact with the patient and doctor or therapist.
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