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Maintenance itself and maintenance documentation of load handling attachments and slings are required by law. With RFID transponders in the lifting gear, the required data can be collected easily, consistently and safely.
The construction industry, with its harsh environmental conditions and complex process landscape, places special demands on RFID systems. Neosid‘s expertise in the manufacture of robust miniaturized HF RFID transponders comes into its own here.
NEOSID has developed miniaturized RFID components for use in the MACH 33 wrist watches produced by the special Swiss watch manufacturer Werenbach.
Learn all about the special use of our miniaturised RFID transponder family NeoTAG® in the magazine „RFID & Wireless IoT“
Find out in the magazine "RFID & Wireless IoT" application details of our miniaturized RFID transponders in dental technology
NEOSID products also prove themselves where the going gets tough: in the heavy-duty sector. We would like to introduce a few components here that have what it takes to operate under the toughest conditions.
The automotive industry is one of the world's most innovative industries. Electronics play an increasingly important role here and significantly influence new developments. Ferrites and inductive components are used especially in the area of safety, driving assistant systems and e-mobility.
With our innovative components, we are a reliable and long-standing partner of various companies in the industrial electronics. Our products are mainly used in the production of switching power supplies and sensors.
The way we communicate has changed considerably in the last decades. Smartphones are getting thinner and smarter, the internet's reach is constantly growing and now covers almost all areas of human life. Telecommunication is in constant change.
In the field of medicine, new insights are gained almost daily. However, new examination and treatment methods require specialist know-how and also the right technology. And in no other area do things depend so much on reliable and safe devices as in medical technology.
With its NeoTAG® RFID tags, NEOSID provides a practice-orientated example for applications of Industry 4.0 in toolmaking.
In the widest range of applications in our daily lives, electrical energy is transmitted from a source or power supply to a load or device. Systems that work on a contactless basis are increasingly being used for this.