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Composite materials with higher permeability


With its two new composite materials PFS4 and PFS9, Neosid presents soft magnetic core materials made from metal powder and polymer. As a result of their texture, the thinner the walls of the components made from these compounds, the more permeable PFS4 and PFS9 are. The new materials are manufactured in a special injection moulding process, with a high degree of geometric precision – irrespective of whether the mould specifications are a trivial matter or particularly challenging. We were therefore able to reduce wall thickness to just a few tenths of a millimetre.

Thanks to their mechanical robustness compared to sintered ferrite materials, the new composites are especially suitable for mobile applications that are particularly sensitive to impact. Other applications in this area include moveable antenna for optimising the transmission path and solenoid covers for wireless charging in the lower power range.

Please see the data sheets for detailed information

PFS4 composite material, µi = 35 … 47 (depending on material thickness)
PFS9 composite material, µi = 50 … 80 (depending on material thickness)