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NeoTAG® Plug for NFC- enabled mobile devices


Press-in transponder for metallic objects, easy readable by NFC-enabled mobile devices
The NFC transponder NeoTAG® Plug FG/MFG10340 shows the consistent further development of our NeoTAG® HF transponder family. It offers the same resistance against harsh environmental conditions as the long-established miniature RFID transponder NeoTAG® FG/MFG4335 in 4mm press-in housing. The maximum dimensions of this new NeoTAG® Plug FG/MFG10340 are 10.3 millimeters in diameter and only four millimeters in height. It offers reliable readability and programming by almost all modern smartphones which offer NFC functionality.

A 10 mm hole already exists in e.g. tool fixtures on machine tools and machining centers. With the easy-to-use press-fit housing, the NeoTAG® Plug FG/MFG10340 can be installed safe, quick and reliable. Following the concepts of INDUSTRY 4.0, this transponder creates smart tools for implementing transparent, digital processes in industrial applications in just a few easy steps.

For quick, clear identification of metallic and non-metallic objects.


NeoTAG® Plug FG/MFG10340





Einheiten: mm

Technical specifications:

Item numbers: 00705016 FG10340 (with NXP ICODE SLIX) Non Metal
00705017 MFG10340 (with NXP ICODE SLIX) Metal
Housing material: PPA GF30, cyan blue, other colors on request
HF RFID protocol: ISO 15693
Chip: NXP ICODE SLIX, SLIX-S, SLIX2 and others on request
Frequency: for 13.56 MHz
Reading range: up to 220 mm (depending on reader, reading antenna and application)
Operating temperature: -40°C to +85° C (for read and write function)
Special environmental
+180°C (up to 90 hours / 14 cycles)
+200°C (up to 5 hours / 100 cycles)
+220°C (up to 2 hours / 167 cycles)
+275°C (15 minutes / 1 cycle)
Weight: 0.36 g/ piece



  • Industry proof dimensions of 10 mm in diameter and 4 mm in height
  • Easy mounting process without special tools by press-in or punch-in
  • Readable by standard RFID readers with min. 200mW output power
  • Alternatively readable and programmable by modern smartphones with NFC function in metal and non-metal environments
  • Programmable with URL data for direct website access
  • IP protection class IPx8: continuous immersion in water
  • Vibration resistant
  • High mechanical abrasion resistant
  • Resistant against a large number of chemical substances
  • User data memory: 896/1280/2112/2528 bit depending on IC type
  • IC with password protection and encrypted protocol on request
  • Customized logo and color on request
  • NFC Forum Type 5 TAG
  • FDA compliant housing material on request


Application: NeoTAG® Plug MFG10340 for
identification of hollow shank taper


  • Maintenance and repair
  • Inventory management
  • Product tracking
  • Identification in process management for tools, devices, fixtures, equipment, machines, …
  • Digital manufacturing and tool management in INDUSTRY 4.0
  • Tool protection to avoid misuse
  • Tool service life monitoring
  • Maintenance management for tool revision
  • IoT applications
  • For non metallic objects: NeoTAG® Plug FG10340
  • For metallic objects: NeoTAG® Plug MFG10340


Packaging unit 500 pcs bulk. Other types of packaging on request.


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PDF „NeoTAG® Plug for NFC- enabled mobile devices