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What reading ranges can be achieved with the NeoTAG® transponders?

Our product range of NeoTAG® HF RFID transponders/ RFID chips is constantly being expanded and new transponder versions are regularly added. In connection with the use of our transponders, we have compiled a large amount of background information on mounting, function, design, operating behaviour, etc. due to the many applications in which the products are used. As a supplement to our Product Information HF RFID Transponder data sheet, this article contains further technical explanations and application-supporting information.


Picture 1: Application example: Reading a NeoTAG® Plug MFG10340 using an NFC-enabled smartphone


All HF RFID transponder variants available in the NEOSID product portfolio in combination with the existing transponder environment (metal/non-metal) as well as the different readers and reader antennas that can be used result in a variety of different reading ranges. For this reason, we have compiled the following table with reference reading ranges to help you select a suitable transponder for your application:

Antenna Loop*2 Stub*3 NFC*4 Loop*2 Stub*3 NFC*4
Reader Industry*5
2 W
200 mW
Mobile Device*7 Industry*5
2 W
200 mW
Mobile Device*7
TAG version  Reading distance L
Inlay F2626

110 mm 8 mm 5 mm
Inlay MF2626 4 mm

Inlay F2659

210 mm 16 mm 25 mm
Inlay MF2659 45 mm 8 mm 6 mm

Plug G3326

80 mm 4 mm 3 mm
Plug MG3326 2 mm

Plug FG4335

100 mm 8 mm 5 mm
Plug MFG4335 110 mm*8 4 mm

Plug FG/MFG8336 50 mm 6 mm 5 mm 110 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Plug FG10340

140 mm 12 mm 22 mm
Plug MFG10340 90 mm 11 mm 18 mm

Plug FG4670

210 mm 16 mm 25 mm
Flag FG5242*9 40 mm 7 mm 5 mm 110 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Flag FG7678*9 190 mm 11 mm 12 mm 210 mm 16 mm 25 mm
SMD FG4530*9 40 mm 7 mm 5 mm 110 mm 8 mm 8 mm

→ there is a more suitable TAG for this application (Metal/Non-Metal)
→ there is no reading range in this TAG/Reader combination

Important notes:

*1: We test our reading range with RFID TAGs installed in stainless steel, X2CrNi12 (stainless steel according to EN 10088). The use of other materials may result in deviating reading ranges.
*2: The loop antenna is a circular antenna made of coiled enamelled copper wire. Ø 125 mm
*3: The stub antenna is a rod core Z1.2x12 with antenna winding.
*4: The NFC antenna is the antenna built inside a mobile device. This varies depending on the device manufacturer and model.
*5: We use the model ID ISC.LR1002-E from FEIG as „industrial reader“.
*6: We use the model RFID-USB-READER4 from INDUSTRIA as „USB reader“.
*7: We use the model EXPERIA XZ1(2018) from SONY as a mobile device with NFC function.
*8: RFID TAG inserted into a metallic test piece with a through-hole and radial slot.
*9Measured on metal, stainless steel.


Reader/Reader antennas:

For our internal reading range tests, we use the following components, among others:

Picture 2: Loop antenna Ø 125 mm Self made
Picture 3: USB reader with stub antenne type RFID-USB-Reader 4 by INDUSTRIA
Picture 4: Mobiles device with NFC function



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PDF: Technical Information NeoTag 2-0922