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Optimization potential for maintenance and inspection tasks with RFID


Transponders from Neosid for Load Handling and Lifting Equipment

  • Documentation of maintenance required by law
  • Completely possible with RFID
  • NeoTAG® Plug MFG4335 transponder integrated from production
  • Withstands even the most adverse environmental conditions

Maintenance itself and maintenance documentation of load handling attachments and slings are required by law. DGUV Rule 109-017 of the German Social Accident Insurance for the operation of work equipment and DIN 685-5 for testing for cracks clearly state this. With RFID transponders in the lifting gear, the required data can be collected easily, consistently and safely.

RFID Transponders in Hooks and Slings

Neosid‘s 4-millimeter transponder NeoTAG® Plug MFG4335 is most frequently requested for load handling and lifting equipment. This is a miniaturized on-metal transponder in the HF range. Because it is small, only a little flat hole is required in the metal. The transponder is then pressed into this hole without compromising the structural integrity of the load handling and lifting gear.
The RFID transponders are integrated directly into the hook, eye or similar from the moment of manufacture. All maintenance procedures are logged. If an inspection takes place, the required information can be read out within a very short time using an external reader and presented in digital form.

Requirements for the Transponder

The harsh environmental requirements that this transponder must be able to withstand include humidity and high temperatures. The ideal temperature range for the NeoTAG® Plug MFG4335 is -40 to +55°C. However, Neosid has also tested the NeoTAG® Plug MFG4335 for 15 minutes at 275 degrees. No loss of functionality was found. However, the transponder‘s service life is shortened when used at higher ambient temperatures.

Seamless Recording Required

It is a legal requirement that all process parameters of load handling and lifting equipment are fully documented. This can be guaranteed with the NeoTAG® Plug MFG4335. Reading or documentation errors are ruled out with it. With a data retention period of up to 50 years, the NeoTAG® Plug MFG4335 is one of the most reliable identification methods for load handling and lifting equipment.


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Optimization potential for maintenance and ispection tasks with RFID