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Only 3.3 millimetres in diameter and with a height of 2.6 millimetres – those are the dimensions of the new NeoTAG® Plug G/MG3326.
The new NeoTAG® Plug FG/MFG10340 for NFC enabled devices- readable even in metallic environment- is now available
Sensor coils with ferrite cores from NEOSID for tamper-resistant consumption measuring with impeller flow meters
New brochure with the latest NeoTAG® transponder information
The UHF NeoTAG® UMG10345 transponder is available in a 10mm diameter housing. It fits into a corresponding 10mm drill hole which is standardized in many industrial applications.
A new smart variant of the proven NeoTAG® product family is now available: NeoTag® Flag
New isotropic 3D antennas for electromagnetic tracking systems
New generation of SMD directional couplers and splitters / combiners for highest standards
X-, Y-, Z and 3D coils for LF, HF and now also NFC
Especially developed for EMC: Inductors and sensors with a high interference immunity
NEOSID pot cores and mushroom cores available starting immediately with metallization.
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